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I was first introduced to Reflexology at 19 years of age. Whilst at college I suffered from rather bad insomnia. My G.P recommended I try either Yoga or Reflexology before going down the medicinal path. I chose Reflexology, and I will never forget my first session. I was amazed at how such a small woman, exerting such little pressure on my feet could have such a powerful effect. I was so relaxed after the session that I could barely walk the five steps home. When I managed to step through my front door, I collapsed on the sofa and promptly fell in to a deep sleep and woke up the following morning!


I continued to have treatments over the next five years or so, whilst building a career in the Hotel and Catering industry, until my fascination got the better of me and I decided to train and become a Reflexologist myself. I qualified in London at the beginning of 2006, and immediately began treating a variety of people. Over the years I have worked with people from every walk of life, from professional ballet dancers and athletes, to office workers and manual labourers. I have treated clients coming from a wide range of ages, from teenagers to nonagenarians. I have seen people for who Reflexology is a relaxing treat that helps combat the stress of daily living, but I have also seen those suffering from debilitating diseases that viewed their sessions as palliative and essential to their well-being.

Early on in my career as a Reflexologist, I was fortunate enough to discover an advanced approach that works deeper than conventional Reflexology. This new approach was created by leading Reflexologist Tony Porter, and is known as the ART technique. Over several years I attended numerous courses run by Tony. I have been overwhelmed at the outstanding responses reported by many of the clients I have treated using these new techniques, with changes in symptoms occurring much faster than expected. Having successfully completing further studies in Advanced Reflexology Training in London, I am now the only Reflexologist in Malta officially registered with ART, and practising these techniques.

I am based in Zebbug, and take appointments here. Sessions last between 45 mins and one hour, with the first appointment being slightly longer, as I like to take a medical history and discuss your requirements. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call for a chat, or drop me an email.