Benjamin Milton Reflexology

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My sessions with Benjamin were a great way of taking some time out just for me. Benjamin makes you feel instantly comfortable and relaxed, and I found the reflexology really helped with stress levels. He also picked up on a couple of key problem areas without me saying a word. Very impressed!

Ruth Ellen Davis, Journalist, Bristol, UK

I would not hesitate to recommend Benjamin and his wonderful reflexology treatments to anyone. He is professional and conscientious, patient and caring. His treatments are entirely holistic and even though I sought treatment for a specific problem, after a few sessions old aches and pains, which I had learned to ignore, gradually disappeared. A gentle therapy whose worst side effect is feeling dreamy and relaxed…what could be better?

Lucia Mizzi, Osteopath, Dingli, Malta

My reflexology sessions were invaluable to me, in aiding specific ailments. The back trouble I was suffering subsided and my stress relieved.The relaxing experience promoted quality sleep and an overall sense of well being.I had used alternative therapies before, yet reflexology with Benjamin was the most effective and one which I will continue to return to.

Jenny Umpleby, Teacher, East Sussex, UK

Dear Benjmin, It has now been almost a month that I've been visiting you and your help has definitely made me feel better in more ways than one . It is certainly my intention to keep coming , thank you.

Karen Sammut, Company Director, Zebbug, Malta

I had two areas of concern: Migraines and sleeplessness. After Benjamin's weekly visits, I certainly felt calmer, relaxed and slept a lot better and after a very short time, I noticed my migraines were getting lighter and certainly less often. Magical thumbs Benjamin, magical thumbs.

Kate Harris, Bookshop Owner, Suffolk, UK

I received a course of refelxology treatments from Benjamin to treat a digestive problem I had suffered with for a long time. He is calm and professional and I felt completley relaxed very quickly and really looked forward to my sessions after I'd had the first one. Benjamin was able to tell exactly what the trouble was and he did something magic to my feet which had an amazingly beneficial effect on my whole body. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a thoroughly skilled and trustworthy practitioner and continue to have occasional treatments to balance and improve my general health.

Tess Hoey, Carer, Mellieha, Malta

For most of my adult life I have suffered with migraines, rheumatic knees and sinus problems. I was initially sceptical about the benefits of reflexology, but the treatment provided an immediate relief from symptoms, and I noticed over a prolonged period that the effects lasted longer. The treatment has an added bonus of being incredibly relaxing and a rare opportunity to switch off from life's daily stresses.

Lee Swallow, HR Manager, East Sussex, UK

Benjamin, thank you so much for all you've done, especially for relieving my sciatica and my lower back problem. I'm so much better after a few sessions, actually feeling revitalised and rejuvenated. Well done and God bless your magic hands! Am already looking forward to my next reflexology session.

Georges A. Magri, Teacher, Rabat, Malta

I was fortunate enough to be one of Benjamin's clients when we both lived in the UK. I always felt completely comfortable and relaxed with Benjamin. As a competitive cyclist, I was intrigued to put on my Heart Rate Monitor for one of my treatments and was astonished to see that it went way down below my normal resting heart rate. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Benjamin for reflexology and sincerely hope that I can make the most of his skills again in the future.

Adam Lloyd Monaghan, Photographer, Helsinki, Finland